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Think on Your Feet®

Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT) Demo.
12 September, 2024 - 1000-1045 BST.

This demo will be delivered to a small audience, by invitation only. If you have been invited, please do extend us the courtesy of attending your session. If you are unable to attend, please let us know as we have a waiting list of customers wishing to attend.

During the session, you will be invited to attend as a delegate would. The session will provide you with an overview of the workshop, you can see how we deliver our interactive online learning and you will have plenty of opportunities to discuss any questions you might have, live.

This session will be delivered using the Zoom platform.

You will require access to a PC/Mac/tablet and internet connection, you will require a webcam, speakers/headphones and to enable your microphone, or you can simply dial in on your phone.

To ensure a prompt start and so you get the best experience, we recommend you download and test the platform, at least a day before the session: 

  1. Download: https://www.zoom.us/meetings
  2. Test your webcam, speaker/headphone and microphone works with the platform: https://zoom.us/test
  3. Join the session up to 15 mins before with your camera, speakers/headphones and microphone switched on

Dial in numbers will be provided when entering (if applicable).

If you need to contact your trainer, please email us: info@indigobusiness.co.uk

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+44 (0)20 3836 8640

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